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I’m very happy to report that my doctor gave me a clean bill of sexual health. Apparently my issue was a raised vein due to poor circulation it’s mostly gone back to normal (thank goodness), so it means more exercise, more water and less tight fitting boxer shorts.

By the way having a healthy libido and not doing anything about it for almost two weeks is not a great way to live. You might say that I’ll be visiting to promote good health, haha!

Should I still be worried about the DC?

@Flint – By the way sir Flint, unless I’m missing something we’re unable to PM forum participants. I want to share that you have good taste in entertainment Star Trek The Original Series and specifically the episode Requiem for Methuselah. Is that why you visit Sheri’s so that you can caress a smoothness and inhale a fragrance without the other side of mortality or immortality for that matter?

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