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Fair enough Dena, probably not cool on my part to mention a competitive house. I apologize.

But disrespectful?! No. I beg to differ there. I have nothing but respect for the women (and staff) that work there. I admire them for many reasons, including the incredibly positive work they do for their clients, and that they use this business to support their families.

I mentioned only one, specific woman’s schedule. Yet you seem to imply that my post was taking food out of hungry kid’s mouths, or siphoning off business. That’s a notion that I take exception with. For one thing that assertion can only be valid if Char’s profile and erroneous schedule was being used to bring in business to Sheri’s (otherwise, what business is there to divert?). But I am sure that could not possibly be the case.

Anyhow, all seems to be fixed now. Which was, I think, the intention of all the forum members involved. So it’s all good as far as I’m concerned.


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