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@Flint – Yes, I find it a bit odd that there’s no PM function on the forum. Not that it’s a big deal or anything. This thread is both for information and a historical record since the act of sex for the first time might just leave me starstruck. You’re very welcome sir and if I may say the avatar as well as username seems quite fitting for the board.

The Immortal Flint would say that, my reasons for visiting Sheri’s has to do with thirst and being a flower in the desert.

@Angel – Thank you Lady Angel. I was seriously worried I would not be able to visit that the doctor would find something seriously wrong. While I’m by no means wealthy or well-off money isn’t the object of the reason of my visit which is why I was unconcerned about losing the portion to airfare if I had to call it off.

Even so I am somewhat worried because the aesthetics of my penis are no longer as attractive to me and so I wonder as long as a penis is clean and not displaying telltale signs of STD I shouldn’t worry too much, is that about right?

I’ll see another doctor before I rent a car and gain a second opinion and have about another month to make further lifestyle changes.

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