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The Limo ride is free and the Limo company derives their income through receiving 30% of the client’s party cost. This may seem like a substantial amount of money for Limo service, but a few Limo clients may not party so the Limousine company loses money on those dry runs. However, Limo drivers are salaried personnel, so it’s a nice gesture to offer your driver a tip for exemplary service. If you arrive by Limo it may be appropriate to tip both the Limo driver and your Courtesan too, because your Courtesan’s normal 50% portion of the party fee is reduced by 15% when a Limo is involved. Tips don’t usually exceed $100 for a Limo driver or Courtesan.

A Courtesan is required to split cash tips of usually $100 or more with the house; however, the Limo does not receive a portion of Courtesans’ tips. Also, extravagant gifts must be split with the house too. Furthermore, gifts and gift certificates of $100 or less are not normally subject to this split requirement.

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