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Angel Parr

Sitting the bar for hours on end can get a bit mundane, but Dr. Phil said “only boring people get bored” so when you start to get bored make your own fun, and you have several options already!

As a hotel guest you have full access to our topless courtyard, complete with tennis and volleyball courts. So try getting a bottle of champagne and inviting a few ladies out to join you in the courtyard, we could do some topless chicken in the pool, topples volleyball or tennis, or just hang out in the hot tub enjoying the scenery. Squirt gun fights, or sit behind the romantic waterfall.

If the weather isn’t right then you could always make the bar fun. Try playing songs like the cha cha slide on the juke box, we pretty much always get up and dance to it, which can be very amusing! Come in on Thursdays and watch us sing karaoke at night, or just talk us into dancing on the pole for you. Offer to play a game of cards against humanity with us, that gets exciting quick! We have a lot of fun in this bar when it gets quiet, sometimes we just need a little motivation to let our hair down!

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