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Angel Parr

His issue was not being a virgin, his issues go far deeper than that. He wasn’t pleading for sex we was pleading for attention, he didn’t need a courtesan, he needed a very good therapist. I really don’t think if he came here and lost his vcard it would’ve changed a thing, once he went back to college and the same girls rejected him he would hurt just the same. Sex doesn’t solve mental issues that profound, that would’ve just been like putting a bandaid over a bleeding artery, he would’ve bled out just the same.
Lol with that being said I would’ve happily taken one for the team, if all it would’ve taken to keep those people alive was a little hanky panky, I would’ve given him all he could handle lol! We need to start a new campaign, “Courtesans for Crazy’s. Saving our students, one pump at a time!”

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