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Having partied twice this week with someone this thread seems to identify as a smoker, I think anyone who is thinking of eliminating any of Sheri’s fine courtesans from consideration due to smoking or perceived smoking is doing themselves and the courtesans a great disservice.

I don’t smoke. I do have asthma. I am sensitive to smoke. But the courtesans are professionals and also considerate. They brush their teeth, use mouthwash, etc. to erase any smell of smoke. The only parts of you that may be in their mouth can’t smell smoke. They change outfits. If and only if they are in the bar when it is smokey, they may smell faintly of second hand smoke, bu that is true of every courtesan who enters the bar. And, again, they do their best to minimize that.

Obviously, some of the courtesans will smoke for a client that wants them to smoke, whether or not the courtesan is a smoker. If you have a concern about the smell of smoke, just tell the courtesan you are attracted to and she will similarly accommodate you. The solution to any concerns about smokers is communication and a trust in professionalism. Lists like the one in this thread only lead to misunderstandings, mischaracterizations, mistakes, and missed opportunities!!!

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