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I was curious if Uber drivers would do this, so I looked into it a little to satisfy my own curiosity.

An Uber from the strip in LV directly to Sheri’s Ranch will run between $64 and $86 each way. A 90 minute wait in between will run $18. However drivers do not typically accept trips with long waits like that, so it would be preferable to order your Uber and then call the driver they give you immediately to discuss the specifics, offer an additional tip for the wait and offer to cancel the request and start a new one to get a new driver if your driver does not wish to take your request.

A little bit of a hassle, but definitely possible. I would anticipate a complete cost of around $200- $225 for the Uber. A little more if you plan to stay longer at the ranch.

Ideally Pahrump gets Uber and you can order an Uber from Las Vegas to Pahrump, and then a different one from Pahrump back to Las Vegas. Unfortunately that isn’t an option right now.

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