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Sheri’s Ranch provides a free Limo service from anywhere in Las Vegas to Sheri’s Ranch Brothel. http://www.sherisranch.com/las-vegas/default.aspx/

Courtesans normally split the party proceeds 50/50 with the house; however, an involved Limo receives 30% to fund the expenses, and the remaining 70% is split 50/50 between the Courtesan and house. Incidentally, it’s a nice gesture to tip a Limo driver, since they are salaried employees.

I drive my own car from California to Sheri’s Ranch, but it’s not free because I have transportation costs of fuel, maintenance and related expenses. Likewise, clients renting a car at McCarran airport must pay gas and rental fees. Uber passengers must pay a reasonable charge which is about half of a Taxi fare.

The Sheri’s Ranch Limo service is free of charge and the drivers are knowledgeable concerning frequently asked brothel related questions. Furthermore, I would much rather ride in the complimentary Sheri’s Ranch Limo than a Taxi or Uber because the Sheri’s Ranch Limo drivers know the exact route and aren’t judgmental concerning a person’s choice to visit a legal brothel.

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