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Jeremy Lemur

I’ve been reading posts from people on this forum about Sheri’s car service for a few years now. A couple of forum users sometimes demonstrate that they have inside information by disclosing what they may have heard about how revenue is distributed between drivers, the house, and the courtesans. Often their posts state that a sex party resulting from Sheri’s car service will cost more because less revenue is apparently dispersed to the courtesan, so the lady will upcharge customers using our car service in order to make up the difference.

As far as costs: Sheri’s Ranch has never officially disclosed any revenue distribution information regarding our complimentary transportation services. The fact is that the service is free of charge and tips to the drivers are appreciated.

That being said, I’d like to state a few things:

1. First of all, it needs to be said that the Sheri’s Ranch car service is used extensively by numerous customers (and by an extraordinary number of repeat customers.) It is a service that a vast number of our clients rely on, particularly our clients who fly into Las Vegas regularly and look forward to their worry-free ride to Sheri’s where they can enjoy a cocktail and catch up with their driver. It is a service that many of our customers couldn’t live without. We frequently receive messages that praise the courteousness and professionalism of our drivers, who often establish a lasting acquaintanceship with our visitors.

2. Secondly, the women of Sheri’s Ranch would never “overcharge” one of their customers for any reason. These ladies are the best erotic companions in the business and they are not desperately trying to squeeze every dime from their customers. They are in demand, they are fabulous, and they are worth every penny – every time. It is an insult to these ladies to suggest that they need to unnecessarily upsell anyone who uses Sheri’s car service. Even if there were a revenue distribution model, these are customers that very often wouldn’t show up if it wasn’t for our car service, and the ladies know it. Also, the best customer is a repeat customer. Our ladies know that everyone has more to gain by playing the long game. They treat every customer fairly and show every customer the time of his (or her) life.

3. The insinuation is that our car service is some sort of hustle, and that “people in the know” would never use the service. This is ludicrous. Many gentlemen, ladies, and couples who have been friends of Sheri’s for years use our car service every time they’re in town, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

We understand that our complimentary car service may not be a necessary amenity for every Sheri’s customer, but let’s not continue to make insinuations based on a narrow perspective of the value of the services we offer. The bottom line is that a lot of our customers sincerely appreciate the fact that we provide a safe, discreet, easy, and cost-free way for them to get from the Las Vegas area to the most celebrated sex destination on the planet.

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