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Well first I want to say hello to Mr. Maverick. Damn, didn’t know you still hung out here. How are you? CB here. It has been quite a while since we chatted. It sure was fun back when we were regulars on here.

I am going to stay away from the touchy subject being discussed as I don’t have experience with it, but wanted to say how I feel a rental car is really a good option and why.

First, based on my experience, rental cars in Vegas are the cheapest anywhere in the US.
Second, the airport has a great setup where a bus takes you to one place where all the rental agencies are. It is very convenient.
Third, the location of the rental car facilities is ideal for starting your trip to the ranch. The second you leave there your on your way.
Fourth, the trip is kind of long, but very straightforward and good road.
Lastly, when you drop off the car, a bus then takes you right to your terminal.

Just my two cents.

And good to hear your still kicking Mav and ready to chime in as you feel fit.

Have fun all,

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