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Here’s one of my fantasies… not sure if any of the courtesans would be willing/up to doing it 😉 . I don’t want to… you know… “intimidate” any of the girls here 😉 😉 . That would be one thing that’s stopping me 😉 …


If anybody’s seen the movie “Dracula 2000” with Gerard Butler, there is at least “wild” scene there.

Though I’ve never seen the movie (I do plan to), I’ve heard there are some scenes in the movie, “EYES WIDE SHUT” (Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman) that would fall under the category of “wildest fantasies”.

Or, if that’s too wild for the girls (I’m sure for some girls, it is), we can do something more of the lines of these:


Or how about THIS…


I LOVE the gothic romantic atmosphere of “Phantom of the Opera” (plus, I’m not exactly the most attractive person, so I kind of identify myself more with the Phantom/Erik).

What’s stopping me? Well, for one, I need someone to be my uh… Christine 🙂 .

I’m thinking of visiting Sheri’s (again) and I get a feeling that I’d be the only person on the ranch with these fantasies. Oh, well… we can always hang around the bar and talk about the weather or something 😉 .

P.S.: When you say fantasy, do you include fetish as well?

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