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Aurora rolled the helpless Evangeline to her side and using a very sharp knife cut Evangeline’s garments from her body. The cool air of the bar had the desired effect and her pale skin soon puckered in the most appropriate places. As her nipples hardened, Aurora placed clamps on them firmly. Silver clamps with a chain connecting them and a small dainty bell that rang at the slightest movement. Aurora braided Evangeline’s hair tightly down her back. Evangeline’s eyes wide, her body trembling in the cool air and in anticipation of what would follow. Her clit throbbed with pleasure, never before had she felt the rush of emotions. Was she truly the Domme she believed herself to be? How far would this wonderful creature push her? Lastly when would she get the orgasm building so deeply with in?
Aurora left the room , making Her way to the secreted play area in the back.. William heard the door open and stopped struggling immediately, listening intently. Aurora sauntered over and without hesitation, drug Her nails sharply down his side, Whispering, not to worry Evangeline will be joining us shortly My pet. The beautiful woman located a cart and pushed it to the bar, she loaded Evangeline on it and the cart, Aurora and Evangeline returned to the play area. Unceremoniously using Her toe she pushed Evangeline to the floor. Aurora looked down at Evangeline and in a smooth firm voice said” Shall we begin?” Rule 1.. immediately do as you are told. Rule 2.. do not cum unless directed, Rule 3..Consequences for disobeying My instructions will be immediate and harsh. Looking at both William and Evagenline, Aurora asked” Do you accept”?
Not waiting for a response She reached for Her first instrument of pleasure? Pain?

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