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After negotiating the party time and type, the client must pay the office. Then the client must shower before the party time begins. Courtesans guarantee a brothel party for a designated time limit, but the burden is on the client to be able to climax. If a client takes an extended amount of time to orgasm, it’s wise to negotiate a two hour or VIP Bungalow party. Sheri’s Ladies are professional Courtesans and highly skilled at their profession, but they can’t guarantee that a client will climax if that client has an inherent problem or mental block that delays or prohibits ejaculation. However, Sheri’s Courtesans are masters at assisting their clients to achieve an orgasm, so I wouldn’t worry about it. As a matter of fact the more a client fears that they won’t climax, the more likely the problem may occur. Clients that have this particular problem probably should not drink alcohol or take medications to relax them because this may compound the problem.

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