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hoochie coochie man

Last time I was at Sheri’s, in the fall of last year, I arrived on a Sunday, stayed on site, partied that night, and left Monday about noon. As I was going out the front door, one of the lovely Sheri’s ladies was coming in with a suitcase, apparently just showing up for a stay. I will not say who it was, but it was a lady that has been there a few years, and her pictures on the web site are very hot and sexy, in my humble opinion. In fact I did a party with her a couple of years ago, and it was a great party. Anyway, she was showing up in plain clothes, no make up, etc. And I was shocked at how ordinary she looked. No matter, that is true of almost all women in the world. Thank god for sexy clothes and make up! Sheri’s Ladies are the best! And we love them all, make up or no make up!

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