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Iris Sparks

I’m a console gamer. PS(2,3,4), Xbox(360,1). I tried a couple tabletop rpgs and couldn’t get into them. Currently I’m playing Bloodborne, The Witcher (2 and The Wild Hunt) which I’m taking a break from more or less because I don’t want to see the story end and the dlc for TWH will be the last of the tale from CDPR. I’m reading the books now. Favorite titles… Bioshock, Heavy Rain, TW3 (like I said, reading the books) Assassin’s Creed (though the more recent installments have been a let down) Borderlands, also a Silent Hill fan. I try to give horror titles a shot when I can. I liked Shadows of the Damned, thought it was a hoot but I can appreciate potty humor. I’ll play titles I normally wouldn’t if they’re couch co-op because I love couch co-op: Helldivers, Halo, Gears of War, Earth Defense Force. Deadly Premonition! Fallout 3! Growing up I was a Zelda fan and used to play the Devil May Cry titles. Never been into turn based RPGs or MMORPGS. I usually game in the wee hours as a type of ‘quiet time to myself’ when the day is over.

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