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LPIN is a cottage industry exclusive to Nevada and not a part of the mainstream even as Nevada standards go IMO. As much as we as a society extol the virtues of diversity, tolerance and freedom the unfortunate truth is we still live in a puritanical society, sometimes suppressed other times not. As a result the player(s) in this venue are subject to scorn, repudiation and eschew. Chances are Sheris ranch hotels are not on the radar for the very mainstream enterprises you cite and yes you probably scared the starch out of someone with limited capacities. Which is why you did not receive a reply. As far as your arrangements for Vegas these services should provide well.

My advise is deal with your ranch accommodations directly with the ranch. Whatever the cost I think it will work best. Besides in this venue I don’t think there are abatements to be had.

Good Luck.

My Best,


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  • This reply was modified 4 years ago by Maverick.
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