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Ken Hollander

In this, the time of the year when one recollects upon new memories, and longs for similarly bountiful and bejeweled futures, remiss i certainly would be if i did not express my deepest regards and thanks for Brianna and all of the numerous and lovely friends at Sheris that she has assisted in myself becoming acquainted with over the past few months; us meeting must certainly have been predestined in the stars as if it were not for Brianna i fear my initial visit to Sheris surely would not have transpired. World renowned beauty may have gotten me in the door, but world renowned and truly radio personality is what set my upon a much more grand and amazing, not so distantly unimaginable course. Please do accept my sincere gratitude for being able to have my presence graced by you, and your lovely lovely friends. Cheers and God Bless!!

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