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Interesting question…deserves a creative answer.

Well, Steve, as Iris mentioned, we do not have gentlemen for hire here at Sheri’s so we can’t provide the companionship ourselves. However, we do have a perfect conduit for someone to reach out to make a fantasy like this a reality.

My suggestion…provide an email address in this thread that would allow someone with the same type of fantasy idea to contact you personally. Exchange ideas, photos to see if you are compatible, make travel plans to Sheri’s, then email your favorite lady here. You would need to outline the plan and ask her to recommend one of her friends that would be willing to join the three of you in your explorations (two gentlemen would not be allowed to party with one lady due to the safety concerns). Then you make your way here and the ladies direct the excitement while providing tips and guidelines and keeping everything health conscious and erotic!

And while I can’t say I have had two men interact with each other during a party, I have had the pleasure of bringing two different men (almost strangers) into the same party a time or two with my friends and I…I have to say, the sound of another couple having sex feet away from you is incredibly hot! Now to get to share the bed with them both and have an honest orgy? Can I say…Yes, Please!!

Yep, I’m naughty!! Maybe it should be you Mike, your new found friend, and Iris and I?

What do you say Iris…you up for some adventure?

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