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I agree completely with the suggestions above. One thing I would say is to do a search by date. I just did the week of July 8-15th and there are currently 18 ladies scheduled for that week. Of course, it’s early, so some may wind up not there who are now listed, and others may be listed later, so continue to check as time goes on. If you see some ladies that interest you, I cannot recommend enough contacting them through direct message via twitter. When I visited the Ranch a few years back for my birthday, I did this by email, but twitter is a much better way to do it now, and I wound up having such a good rapport with a particular lady that I decided to just make an appointment with her, which is another option you may consider. Because of the long communication we had, I felt much less nervous when I was at the Ranch and had a memorable party. The sooner you begin communicating with the lady or ladies that interest you, the better, and even if you decide to wait until the day to make your choice, having a long running contact with ladies that are of interest still gives you the best shot at a great visit.

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