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I am by no means an expert, but I doubt that the front desk would fulfill those requests. First, you must remember that while some of the ladies reside around the metro Vegas area, many of them do not. They fly in from all parts of the country, work their week or two, and fly home. Many of them also have other jobs, school, etc., which necessitates detailed schedule planning. And a lady couldn’t just show up to work on any given day, by request, because she must have her medical check-up prior to that. There are many ladies still pictured on the site, but some of them have retired from this business. If they don’t have any future dates posted or no recent reviews, it is likely they fit into that category. I remember two of the ladies you mentioned. I think I read somewhere that Logan had indeed retired. Not sure about Amber Lynn, but it has been a while since her last visit. Best bet is to choose from the many fine ladies who have future dates posted, or whom you know are recent regulars. You just can’t go wrong at Sheri’s Ranch!!

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