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[quote quote=20486]I first partied at Sheri’s back in 2003, and again a year later. I had the pleasure of the company of a lady named McKenna, the first time & Devon, the second. Picked them both out of lineups (no blog or webpage back then). Wonder if any old timers also remember them?? Can’t really recall any of the other ladies at the ranch back then, other than I’m pretty sure that lady who was later on the HBO series about that northern brothel, playing chess, was in one of the lineups I had. Anybody else care to share some fond memories of Sheri’s alumni?


I Partyed with , Heidi, 2 Times in 2009 & in ; 2010. My first Party with Her in 2009 she got Me to Do what No other Sheris lady has gotten me to do and Thats she got me to ‘ pop ‘ during intercourse. Every other lady had to take condom off & HJ me til completion. My Party in 2010 with , Heidi, was My Last Party at Sheris ranch. I never Met Mckenna , I missed meeting , Devon by a Day. A few Years ago a then Sheris lady saddenly annouced here on sheris board that , devon, passed away.My first sheris party where i lost my virginity was with , airforce amy , in sept 2006 & I partyed with her at Sheris a total of 4 times. My other Good party was in early 2009 with My only Pornstar : Sunny Day & it was so FUN.

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