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Lily Lovecraft

Hi There! How exciting to have new experiences! I do a lot of porn and some sex education as well as sex therapy and my opinion on your question is this:
1. never fell bad about squirting! The boy I lost my virginity to used to make me feel bad every time I did it saying it was gross and like I was peeing. 10 years later I still have a hard time doing it because of the mental block he gave me from doing that and now I am missing out on something so amazing and wonderful. You should feel happy and proud you have the ability and never let someone take that away from you. Most women never experience an orgasm in their life!
2. I use sandwich rap to cover the pussy for oral sex. Placing it above the pelvic bone and tucking it through the butt cheeks! Just put down a towel first and all the sexy juices will safely move downward onto the towel with no risk of sharing fluids. Also its very thin so it is still just as pleasurable. Put lube down first if you like it wet and sloppy!

hope this helps!

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