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The last time anyone broached the subject of banning LPIN was about 5 or 6 years ago, when a certain US Senator and political hack went before the Nevada legislature and gave a speech calling for it. To say that he was met with deaf ears would be an understatement.
The new law that passed congress, called SESTA (“stop enabling sex traffickers act) is concerning, and I know or know of several ladies who are more than alarmed. Your own summary, “A new law that just passed both houses of congress goes after websites that have been used by sex workers in effort to eliminate human trafficking,” is apt, and it’s pretty much all the law does.
What is so troubling is that it also goes after web sites that can enable or facilitate prostitution in any form, and it makes no distinction as to whether said activity is legal, as it is in much of Nevada. Therefore it is now possible that a lady who maintains a social media or internet presence may be deemed as committing a felony.
I have read both the House and Senate versions of the bill. While I was hoping to see that they were a misguided but well-meaning attempt to combat human trafficking, what I found was that they are lazy and cynical attempts to look like they’re doing something. What is does to put a stop to human trafficking is nothing. It essentially amends an old communications “decency” in such a manner that it now points to web sites and says, “this means you, too.”
What this means in practical terms would be better addressed by the ladies themselves. I hope that a few will chime in on this thread.

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