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Some points to be aware of:

a) Travel from your Vegas hotel to Sheris Ranch in Pahrump is best
done in your personal handicap equipped van. You imply this isn’t
possible. The Ranch limo is likely not able to accommodate someone in
a wheelchair. While a handicapped vehicle in Vegas is available for
rent for approximately $100/day, they all require a second person to
be the driver. You are left with the wheelchair equipped taxis. This
means the taxi does the hour drive to Pahrump, waits for you while you
are in Sheris, then back to Vegas. Cost is unknown, but you could
call Vegas Visitors Bureau and get phone numbers of taxis. It won’t
be cheap. There may also be a “kelly fee”, which the lady has to pay
the cabbie beyond what is on the taxi meter.

b) Sheris Ranch has a security staff that likely could assist the
lady in transferring you from your wheelchair.

c) Some ladies accommodate handicap people and have experience. Other
girls do not. Picking the right lady for you will be the challenge,
both in skill and budget. You may have to talk to several ladies. Be
prepared to strike out.

d) As already mentioned, talk to Dena. You need to investigate
beyond the “everything is fine” answers by anyone.

Note: MrTShirt was a contributor to this info.

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