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I think it all depends on what you are looking for or if you are looking for something specific. I think there are pros and cons with all three choices. For me I would be nervous during the lineup actually and probably prefer the bar situation even though you only get 10 minutes with the lady unless you want to go further.

No if you are looking for a specific experience, going through profiles and contacting the ladies that way may be the way to go which is the way I went for my first visit to Sheri’s next month. You can build a connection, somewhat less informal and see what happens. If the ladies are at the ranch at the time, depending on what is going on, i think they are pretty good at answering. At least with me they did.

Its all preference however for me if it is a trip that is being planned out for a while, I would probably lean toward working through the profiles, contacting the girls and see if you can sent up something with them.

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