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REMINDER: LPIN 2018 Awards Voter Registration ends midnight 12/31/18, so please don’t miss the opportunity.

Please register and vote to support your favorite Courtesans and Brothels!

LPIN 2018 Awards Voter Registration Announcement

The Official Rules for LPIN 2018 Awards have been posted and a summary of changes is included. http://lpinawards.com/index.php?topic=226.0

Please submit a voter registration form before 12/31/18. If a prospective voter hasn’t met any LPIN Awards registered voters, they should list several brothel personnel including Courtesans they have met in person; listing several references increases the likelihood of a reference response. Also, voters must provide a valid email address so the committee may contact them if necessary.

It is recommended that LPIN Awards Registered Voters register as LPIN Awards board members too, because it provides another method of contact. LPIN Awards Registered Voters may communicate with LPIN Awards Committee members or the “LPIN Awards Committee” handle through PM.

Thank you,

LPIN 2018 Awards Committee
firefighter, FumbleNutts, Highdrive, Little Richard, Mikey & MrTShirt

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