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LPIN 2018 Awards FINAL Voting Round
Ends midnight April 30, 2019 PDT

Finalists Announced for LPIN 2018 Awards

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The LPIN Awards webhost updated their system, so the outdated html ballot form script no longer functions. Therefore, registered voters must email ballots to vote@lpinawards.com. The awards committee apologizes for this procedural change in the final voting round, but it’s of utmost importance that the remaining voters be allowed to cast their ballots.

1. Please include your registered voter handle.

2. Include your voter registration email address.

3. Include your selected COY, BOY & RBOY Finalists.

4. Email vote@lpinawards.com to cast your LPIN 2018 Awards FINAL Voting Round Ballot.

LPIN Awards Registered Voters check the List of Registered Voters who participated in LPIN 2018 Awards to make certain their handles appear on the FINAL Voting Round voter participation list within a few days.

Registered voters who are unable to cast their ballots should PM the “LPIN Awards Committee” or “Admin” handles or email vote@lpinawards.com for assistance.

LPIN Awards Registered Voters are urged to register on the LPIN Awards board so PM communication will be enabled. LPIN Awards Registered Voters must register on the LPIN Awards board before casting LPIN 2019 Awards ballots http://lpinawards.com/index.php?action=register

Thank You,
LPIN Awards Committee
Firefighter, FumbleNutts, Highdrive, Little Richard, Mikey & MrTShirt

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