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Hey Still,
Flint’s right that reaching out to individual ladies is a good idea. Also, there are sections on their profiles that say “I cater to:” which will put your mind at ease.
Remember, the ladies at Sheri’s are professional sex workers (the operative word being professional), most of whom want you to be comfortable being your true sexual self. It sounds like your kinks are pretty tame. Myself, I like to wear nylons (without fully cross-dressing), and no lady there has so much as looked at me sideways when they’ve heard me say that or seen me wearing them. There also used to be (not sure if he’s still around) a bar customer who came in on Thursday nights in women’s clothing, and no one really thought anything of it.
Every lady I’ve met there is a true class act. They don’t judge. Upon contacting a few of them, you’ll find that out for yourself.
Welcome to the world of Sheri’s!

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