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The LPIN 2019 Awards Nominating Round ended midnight 2/29/20.

53 valid Nominating Round ballots were cast for 50% voter participation which is a record high for the last 5 years. In the last 12 years there was only one contest that exceeded that Nominating Round percentage, but only by 2%.

The “Nominees for 2019 Courtesan, Brothel & Rural Brothel of the Year Awards” will be posted 3/2/20 after confirmation by the awards committee. The link will be http://lpinawards.com/index.php?topic=303.0

The LPIN 2019 Awards Preliminary Voting Round Opens 3/5/20. An announcement will be posted in the LPIN Current Contest Forum on the morning of 3/5/20.

Thank you for your support!

LPIN Awards Committee
1Bytetoomany, firefighter, FumbleNutts, Highdrive, Lee, Little Richard, Mikey & MrTShirt

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