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You apparently enjoy sex but the woman with whom you’re in a relationship is somewhat asexual. However, if the sex between the two of you stopped all of a sudden there are several possibilities. Maybe she’s grown tired of your relationship or maybe she’s found someone else that you don’t know about. She could even prefer a female lover over a man. Also, she may need medication for an estrogen deficiency. If you wish to continue your relationship, you should discuss your need for intimacy. Your relationship won’t last if this continues so you must work out your personal issues. Ask her if she still loves you and to identify the problems as she views them. If she denies any issues and states that she simply doesn’t like sex, you might be honest and tell her that it’s a definite need for you. You could suggest counseling or a sex therapist to salvage your relationship. In addition, suggest that she have a thorough physical examination with lab work. If you don’t make any progress you might give her the ultimatum that if the two of you don’t have sex, that you are considering a mistress to save what’s left of your platonic relationship. Bottom-line, if a woman truly loves a man, she will normally want to satisfy his sexual desires especially if she doesn’t want to lose him. Your relationship may be over in her mind, but you just don’t know it yet. If you are supporting her, you may insist that she get a job too since you are essentially just roommates and not lovers.

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