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I don’t know what Sheri’s thinks of Viagra or how it is used, but as an alternative to chemical enhancement drugs, there are SOME all natural things that can be used. I have taken the male enlargement and male vitality blends from Greenbush Herbs and they really work. I am 40, have had a vasectomy, and the woman that is with me for life is younger and way hotter than me. 🙂 The difference with the natural herbs for me is that I am not under a time constraint or need to take it with me anywhere. The herbs store up the energy in your body and you can draw on it when you need it.

The enlargement actually does make a difference in size and thickness. I have had erections so stiff that it almost hurt, which actually felt amazing. And my woman loves it. I did also get some extra benefit that Viagra didn’t do, which is some other little tiny abilities in ejaculation that are pretty kinky and cool like orgasm without direct stimulation, and small orgasms that don’t interrupt sex and while still having the big pop at the end. My woman loves to see me have a smaller orgasm, and keep right on going to the end. I also recharge quicker, sometimes within minutes.

Just an alternative for men, I like it and it works. I used to take it twice a day when I first started but I am down to once or twice a week now with the same results. I also stay physically fit so that helps as well when it comes to anything holistic and the body.

I am not against chemical drugs but I have the option to take something natural and it gives me some extra perks.

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