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I love lingerie, and in a boudoir setting my preferences definitely tend more toward skimpy. But I’d have to say that in the bar, I’d rather see a little (and I mean just a smidgen 🙂 ) restraint. By all means, show off your body with a short clingy dress, and well executed cleavage, guys want to see what they might be getting, but keep it to something that you wouldn’t get arrested for in public.

I’m a fan of cocktail dresses, but I wouldn’t be put off by a great pair of jeans/nice top, or even more business-like blouse/skirt…OR have you ever seen how amazing a woman with a great ass looks in business pants?! (I apologize for not knowing the correct fashion term!) WOW!

I probably don’t represent the majority of dudes (I usually have a slightly different take on things), but when I see a girl in next to nothing, my first thought is that she’s trying too hard. I end up gravitating towards women that are sexy in an innate, natural, almost effortless way. Women like Destini, Montana, and the pinnacle of sexy IMO, CHAR!!!

BTW – Audrey, I was just in there (March 28th), and although Char had me well occupied, and we didn’t get a chance to meet, I did notice the little red/black corset with black panties that you were running around in…You looked beautiful. Sexy, yet still classy. I approve! 😉


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