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So funny story: I think I was sitting across the bar from the beautiful Olivia, as she made her list.
I just happened to be in town and wanted to drop in for a quick drink with my favorite bartender EVER, the most gorgeous and wonderful Marci!!!
As Marci made her rounds, she stopped by Amber and Liv’s spot to chat a bit. Marci slid a piece of paper over to read. From across the room I only understood a few phrases: “Oh, is this your list?” as Marci counted, and said “20?!” seeming impressed.

I only remember this exchange, because being the inquisitive monkey that I am, I recall thinking to myself, “Huh, I wonder what that was. 20 of what? Could that be the number of lovers for some time frame?…Maybe the number of invitees to her next birthday party?…Or perhaps the number of speeding tickets she’s racked up driving the Blue Diamond Highway from Vegas? I resigned myself to never really knowing, and went on my way.
AND THEN!.. I saw this thread, found Liv’s response, counted up her entries, and yes indeed, it was 20! Mystery solved!!

Funny how life works sometimes, no?

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