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My fantasy day would exist in a whole other topsy turvy world. Clothing would be completely optional. Not everybody would be walking around stark naked, because they would be interested in style, fashion and comfort. At the same time, nudity wouldn’t be looked down upon as dirty, strange or immoral. This is a particularly hot and humid day so I decide to carry on nude for a majority of it. I uncover myself from my sheets at 7:00 am and step into the shower. Then I put on some music through some really good speakers and proceed to make myself a nutritious breakfast with coffee – perhaps vanilla nut – and orange juice. I read up on my laptop what is occurring in the world, the economy, my community and then continue on with my day. By the time breakfast is ready, my beautiful lover has stepped into the kitchen after getting herself ready for the day. She, too, enjoys prancing around naked on a hot day.

It so happens to be that I’m on vacation from many weeks of hard and dedicated work at my own business which I run with my brother. But I don’t want to think about business, not today. The sun is shining and there is many fun and pleasurable things to do.

Together, my lover and I plan something spontaneous to do. Perhaps get a tattoo together, shop a little for the home decor, or simply go for a joyride. Perhaps we even go to a really fun nude friendly theme park. At noon we must return because we have lunch and a classical music rehearsal with some friends of ours. That evening, we even feel we are ready to lay down a track of the latest musical score we wrote as a group.

After we part and bid farewell to our friends, we dress ourselves in some light formal wear which we will surprise each other with for a “date night.” We prepare a nice meal together to some peaceful music in the background. All is well between us, and we cooperate in putting together a fantastically delicious and nutritious dinner. Together we set the table in a fancy way and put a mood into it with dim lights and candles on the table. We discuss everything from last weeks events to dreams. We joke around, tease each other and remind ourselves, both implicitly and explicitly, what it is we really love about the other. After diner, we get the dishes cleaned up and have a few chores to do around the house. In the mist of our diligent housekeeping, one of us does something embarrassing and we both laugh it off. I then look at her, and my heart flutters. I kiss her and then we begin to dance. We pause and put on a more appropriate tune and we commence again until our bodies, clung together, simply oscillate back and forth and our heads bowed on each other’s shoulders.

We are both rather sexually adventurous individuals and often do very naughty things. We engage in threesomes, foursomes and orgies of all types. Sometimes I have her bond me to the bed or a chair and sometimes she likes the same. We role play often. Fortunately, too, our society does not deem sex to be obtrusive in most cases so there is hardly a place in our community or famous vacation destination where we have not enjoyed each other’s bodies.

Albeit, that is not the spirit of tonight. Tonight, we humbly hold each other’s hands to our room with a grin on our faces. We tenderly and slowly undress each other and engage in sensual massage. Next, we delight in mutual masturbation for a while. She comes once or twice and I stop a few times after almost coming. When we believe we’re ready, we position ourselves into the 69 position and perform inevitable fellatio and cunnilingus. We don’t come together, but she comes again shortly after I do, knowing she has that power over me. Later, we lovingly converse until our talk begins to slow and become mumbled. Finally, we are asleep in each other’s arms, with sweet dreams of each other, music and a free, limitless, and peaceful life we can experience both in and out of consciousness.

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