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People keep trying to frame this in the context of the Ten Minute Rule. I stated explicitly and repeatedly in my previous posts that this was a REQUEST. So the Ten Minute Rule doesn’t apply.
I certainly wasn’t “stuck” with her–I barely had five minutes before she was whisked away because a couple had made also made a request. I WAS interested in her–that’s why I requested her.
Here I am, a single guy who had made a request. A couple makes a request while I’m talking to that lady. She was rushed away–and the impression that I got from both the hostess and the lady was that the couple’s request was a higher priority item. They even said that the lady had to leave because a couple requested her.
What impression am I supposed to take from this? If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck–well, it probably is a duck.
It’s easy enough to Talk the Talk about everyone being treated equally. It’s harder to Walk the Walk.

Violet, I haven’t seen your name before. You’re new at Sheri’s. I most definitely am not. I’ve seen this preferential attitude toward couples even before this incident.

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