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I could see how one might think it strange, but we dont. It wasn’t planned, we were there to see our venue. on our drive to Vegas my fiance mentioned maybe going to a strip club together, but I felt like it wld be a waste of money for the most part, so I later mentioned looking into brothels. We looked online and decide to check it out. Experimentation is a big part of our sex life, this is just another thing we enjoy together. We are both very sexual people who lived a pretty restrained sex life (and not in a good way) till we meet each other. we knew that a threesome at any point in a relationship is a big thing. For that reason both of us needed to be 100% sure about it and if either changed their mind at anytime then it would end or nt even start. Detailed boundaries for each of us were set so everyone was to be comfortable with all that would happen or could happen. personally we feel this is the time in our life for these type things, its just us two. So we are going to enjoy all we can now. Once we have children time and money will go to sports and music lessons. This way we have lots of naughty memories, for any slumps we may encounter. 🙂

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