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Having a GFE is very intimate and personal as Red Diamond has mentioned. I find that having the time to get to know each other on a whole different level is a lot more memorable than passing by to just cross it off your bucket list. I feel that this allows both parties the opportunity to touch base and learn about each others sexual desires. This would definitely be as realistic as it gets, topped with fantasy fulfillment.

However, that is not to say that a threesome is less desirable. As a woman, I find that there is a profound difference when I am with a woman compared to a man. What is there not to love about a set of beautiful breasts, an ass that men fall head over heels for, to having her take you into her world? The experiences I’ve had with woman are more about sexual pleasure and fulfilling each others needs and rewarding one another with orgasm(s). This may last anywhere from half an hour or longer and that’s what I enjoy most about being with a woman.

Now, to be with both a man and another woman is like having the best of both worlds. Having a man come inside of me while I enjoy the soft touch of a lady is very satisfying. There’s nothing more that I can ask for. There is also some gratification in watching a man make love to another woman as I get worked up and wait patiently for my turn. In vice versa, some men find it appealing to watch two woman make love to each other then give them both another orgasm.

I will mention that from past experiences that my favorite would have to be a foursome. This allows both me and my partner to watch another couple (whether it be two ladies or a man and a woman) and sexually arouse one another to pounding as things heats up–almost like live porn in a way.

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