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I think the problem is that this sort of lifestyle is more taboo than it is immoral or irrational. I have confided in only one friend about my experience here. I feel that I could also tell my immediate family, most notably my siblings – and especially one of my brothers in particular – but have decided that it is not yet the right time to do so. I feel very fortunate for the understanding people in my life and I know that it’s not the case for everyone.

On another note, you sound like me on my last trip with the sneaking around. What I did was insisted on taking my own car out and claimed that I was going to visit a friend of mine on the drive back home. They continued home and I parted on the route to Sheri’s. Now, I had also seen the film 127 Hours so I was concerned about someone not knowing where I was and having no assistance if something happened to me. Fortunately, the same friend I was presumed to visit was the very same I had lent my secret to, so I had a system setup just in case. The chances of danger are slim, but I like to be prudent. I also don’t like to lie to family, but I don’t feel the time is right for the truth. It’s like Spiderman, only it’s completely not.

Just be prepared to get caught and know within yourself that you won’t really be ashamed if anybody finds out. Have fun on your trip!

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