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Ah yes, my de-“virgin”-izing first visit to Sheri’s Ranch. Made it from downtown LV to Pahrump in less than 50 minutes, then spent 15 minutes driving in circles, thinking “I’m ready for this … no I’m not… yes, I am…” Finally bucked up the courage and went into the bar for stiff drink. Went on a tour with the first lady to approach me and was hoping for an easy negotiation. It happened… sort of. She wasn’t anywhere near my ballpark, so I was walked. Returned to the parlor and had a quick chat with the madam. Met one of the more (justly)famous, and unfortunately recently retired, ladies whose smile put me at ease. This time, the negotiation was a piece of cake. Even though I never told her I was a virgin, I’m certain that she knew. My staring at her as she disrobed and not really reacting as she pulled me on to the bed probably had something to do with that ;P. When we returned to the bar post-party, the other ladies just giggled and smiled at me. Another one bites the dust! My giddy, loopy smile must have been even bigger and dopier looking than I figured it would be.

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