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Dr. Who

Cool topic, Allissa! It’s been awhile, since I’ve posted on the forum (I’ve been in lurker mode for quite awhile …LOL). Although, I use be a regular poster on the old Sheri’s forum.

Anywho, I’ve been visiting the brothels since 2000, but my first official visit to Sheri’s was back in the 2003. A group of members from the old NV Brothels board decided to meet up at Sheri’s over the Memorial Day weekend in 2003. As I recall, the folks in attendance were Dex, Cronos, Fastweb, Shooter, Sportsman, Mr. Florida, Buckygodot, Bustlover, and me (Dr. Who).

If there are any old timers who are still on the Sheri’s board, they may remember that we called it the “Posse Gathering”. None of the ladies from back then are still working at Sheri’s, but I still have fond memories of partying with Girlie. 🙂

I was at Sheri’s this past May (over Memorial Day) to meet up with a friend for drinks. Unfortunately, I caught a cold so I postpone any partying until a future trip. Now, I need to plan another trip to make up for the lost time …LOL.

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