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Brittney Ryder

My first day at Sheri’s was a new Beginning to lifelong friendships and everlasting experiences.

On my drive here, my friend kept saying, “Are you sure you want to do this?” With a goofy grin, somewhat resembling a smile and a smirk, I consistently replied, “If I don’t, I’ll always wonder if I could.”

I unloaded my bags, walked up to the parlor door and rang the doorbell. Butterflies filled my stomach as I wasn’t sure what to expect. My adrenaline was getting the best of my nerves. I was excited, nervous and apprehensive. Those few moments of deep breaths before the door opened seemed like eternity. Finally, I was greeted by Aleatha, and she took me to the back office to fill out my paperwork.

I didn’t really know what to do from there. I was briefly shown the Kitchen, the computer room, our gym, and then I sat down on a couch in our TV room. I had my phone with no reception, a bottle of water, the TV and remote. Finally, a lady walked in, then another, and another. All of them super nice.

My first day in the bar I was introduced to Smoothtalker and Maverick. In middle of our conversation, this red light kept flashing. Oh no a lineup. I had never seen a lineup in person. I was so nervous.

We all walk out into the Parlor. I was third to introduce myself. At the end of the introductions, I was picked. “Oh, sh*@, now what” is all I could think. Sami went back with me to do the negotiations. Thank goodness because I had no idea what to do. During the negotiations it came out that I had never done anything like this prior to that day. I booked the party, came back into the room. The gentleman sitting at the end if the bed, I’m pretty sure I was more nervous than he was. I’m also pretty sure he could read it all over my face. We talked for a bit, then he said, “How about we just enjoy the fresh air outside for the next hour and we’ll call it even”.

So the next hour I had a wonderful conversation. 🙂 To that gentleman: Thank you and if you remember me, please come back and see me and let’s have the party you initially came into have that day.

A special thanks to Amber (my big sister), Sami, Smooth_talker, Maverick, and my first client. Without the five of you, I don’t know that I would be as happy or as successful as I am today.

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