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I’ve been encouraged to join the forum so I thought this would be a good place for my initial post. In my mind I’ve had two “first visits” at Sheri’s. My actual first time to Parhump, I drove out from Vegas and didn’t start getting nervous until I was driving down Homestead Road. For some reason that part of the drive seemed to go on forever. When I arrived I remember noticing details like the fact that the artwork on the building were copies of pieces by the artist whose work I collect. I finally made it into the bar and a few ladies introduced themselves. I was nervous enough that don’t remember the specifics of the conversations with most of the ladies but I really enjoyed the company of one lady, got my nerve up, went on the tour and then went to her room. I had a wonderful party but as I was driving back to Vegas I realized that I had actually connected better with the lady in the bar that I did in the bedroom. What I think of when I think of my first visit was on my 60th birthday. I drove out from LA and arrived about 10:30 on a Sunday morning. Needless to say the bar was empty except for the hostess who told me she’d let the ladies know I was there. As I sat there I realized how nervous I was because unlike the previous time when there were a number of people in the bar, this time ladies would be coming out just to meet me. The first person who introduced herself was Destini and she apologized for not looking her best (and as anyone who has meet her knows she always looks gorgeous) but she had just gotten out of the shower so her hair was damp & she had on no make-up. We spoke for a while and then she excused herself to finish dressing but told me she would be back in a while. I spoke with a few other amazing ladies but quickly realized I was just waiting for Destini to reappear. After what seemed to me to be hours but in reality was probably 15 to 20 minutes Destini returned and I quickly let her know I wanted to spend my birthday in her company. When I finally left later in the day I had had the best birthday party of my life.

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