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Mr Jazz,

That is definitely a bummer! Sorry you let that ruin your trip, because I agree with Alissa that it was most likely a matter of the lady being busy or unable to return your message. I’m sure that can feel like a bit of a rejection, but I wouldn’t take it that way.

If you still can, I say go anyway! Book an appointment with the office, if you still believe there is some chemistry or understanding with that lady…or go and strike up a conversation with another. My experience is that most of the women at Sheri’s are uncommonly kind and understanding, and work with all sorts of special “needs” on a daily basis. So I’d be surprised if someone else there couldn’t also take care of you, in the event your first choice was unavailable.

But keep in mind, that although it seems like these wonderful women are sitting there all day, every day, waiting just for YOU to show up (and indeed, sometimes they are!), there may be any number of reasons, that have nothing to do with you, that could keep the women from responding to emails right away…so give them the benefit of the doubt, and chalk it up to a lost communication.

Best of luck!


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