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Hello Jazz Singer,

Do not assume a lady does not want to meet with you, even if you did not receive a response to your most recent email. All the reasons Allissa and YB stated are correct. The Sheri’s Ranch email system is notorious for technical glitches. I once emailed a lady expressing a desire to meet her and did not receive a reply until after I had already visited the Ranch returned to my home. I had assumed she was not interested, so I did not ask for her while I was at the Ranch. She explained, even apologized, that she did not receive my email for more than two weeks after it was sent. She hoped I was not offended and had a good time with another lady at the Ranch. I did enjoy my visit, but I wish I had also met this lady, who is no longer at the Ranch.

The ladies at the Ranch are skilled professional, adult entertainers. They are very empathetic and want you to have a good experience. If the lady you desire is not available, talk to the hostesses. They will help you find a lady to fulfill your needs.

Best regards,

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