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It’s not extremely dark in the bar and you’ll be able to survey the Courtesans just fine. I prefer meeting Courtesans in the bar to break the ice and instill romantic chemistry; however, all of the Ladies are almost never in the bar simultaneously. There’s a slideshow of Courtesans currently appearing on monitors in the bar. If a specific Lady you wish to meet isn’t in the bar, ask the hostess if she’s available.

You’ll be able to see all of the Ladies currently appearing at Sheri’s Ranch if you request a lineup; however, some Courtesans may be with clients in parties and of course they will not be in your lineup. It’s difficult to appraise 15 to 20 Courtesans standing in a lineup, since you see the beautiful Ladies all at one time and only hear them speak their names. If you select a Courtesan from a lineup you may ask her to sit in the bar with you for a few minutes to make a connection. Alternatively, you may ask to be taken to her room to discretely flirt, discuss party details and negotiate. If you fail to negotiate or believe the Lady isn’t right for you, ask to return to the bar and request another Lady from the hostess on duty.

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