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Usually we have day and night shifts (5AM to 5PM and 5PM to 5Am). But these shifts aren’t assigned till the Tuesday of that week so there’s no way to know for sure who is on which shift. Some ladies do prefer day or night and try to get that shift every time but you would have toemail the , adies individually to find out.

As well as this, while the brothel is open 24 hours, the bar is only open 11AM till around 3AM so you’re more likely to see more ladies around while the bar is open.

As far as bar or line up, it really depends on what you’re looking for. If you just want to have a quick look at everyone and then pick someone based on looks alone then a line-up is good. If you’d prefer to see ladies close up or want a chance to introduce yourself properly or chat and see if you click then the bar is better.

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