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Angel Parr

Hello gentlemen,
First off I want to say that this is wonderful question! We do work off of shifts so, technically speaking, we should always have at least 9 ladies available, however it doesn’t always work like that. We do still need sleep, so late at night the line ups size does decrease significantly. During the day time everyone is up so even if they aren’t “on shift” they will usually still come to the line up and you’ll get to see most of the house which is 12-24 ladies, as apposed to at 3:00am if only 9 girls are on shift assume 2 are in a party and at least one will sleep through the line up call so you’ll only have 6 to choose from. Around 1:00pm-1:00am our line ups tend to be quite a bit fuller, if that’s what you are interested in.

Personally though if you are a first timer, or at all nervous, I have found that the line ups tend to be very overwhelming. I always recommend the “speed date” in the bar for our new comers. If you choose to meet the ladies in the bar then you get to speak with all of us ladies for 10mins a piece and get a chance to let us relax you, make you feel comfortable, and you can go back with the lady of your choice at any time. Let a beautiful courtesan take you on a free, no pressure, no obligations tour of the house, but a few drinks, play a game of pool, grab a bite to eat, and take your time selecting a courtesan who’s not just beautiful but has the type of personality that drives you wild, this way you can get a real brothel experience!

As far as our schedules go, I know that there are several ladies that simply haven’t filled up their schedules for future months yet, I personally haven’t set a schedule after August yet. We are always getting new girls and it does take some time to get their profiles and calendars up. Our schedules are also very subject to change. We do our best to keep as close to our schedules as possible but we all have lives outside of the ranch, so sometimes we have to leave early, or jut can’t come in at all and sometime we choose to extend our trip and stay extra weeks while we are at the ranch. The best thing to do is search for the time that you are expecting to arrive at Sheri’s, find a few ladies that you like and email them to be sure that they will be there at the time you are thinking. Then look over all the ladies and if you see someone that you like feel free to email her too just to make sure that she isn’t going to be at Sheri’s when you are. Keep in mind just because you email a lady doesn’t mean you have to set an appointment with her, so you can still come in and do a line up or a speed date.

I hope that my advice has been helpful, and wish you a wonderful experience at our ranch!

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