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Akira, Charina, and Emma – Thanks so much! That helps out a lot.

My husband and I are choosing a few ladies to get in contact with – mainly because we figure some are bound to be unavailable at that time. Gotta admit though, it feels weird – Like I’m making dates with too many guys for one night and I’m going to have to let someone down. Kinda don’t like that part, but I suppose we have to figure out who we might hit it off with for what we’re trying to do.

I thinking that allowing for plenty of time up front, and perhaps using the bungalows is the way to go for us. That way I won’t feel rushed (which will add to my nerves).

And since I’m looking more for an experience, rather than knowing I want A, B, and C, I think that will help. We’ll definitely be getting into contact with the ladies ahead of time with reservations and such. While I know the actual negotiations happen on site, she’ll at least know in advance what I’m thinking. Frankly, I’m afraid I’ll get into the moment and clam up, and then won’t get what I’m looking for which would be on me. So, this way, I can communicate better in writing.

I also read in a review (sorry – don’t remember who’s!) that something another couple did was have a shorter smaller party the night before. The husband got to watch, but was hands off – and it was just so that his wife got to experience a little bit with the lady on her own, and that reduced the nerves a heck of a lot for their larger experience the next night. My husband thought that might be a good option for me too!

Anyway, I really appreciate your taking the time to write such thoughtful answers!

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