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Being a heavy Windows user myself my first instinct is to recommend the Surface but Sparksfley is right, internal storage is an issue… The Mac Laptops use similar Hard drives though so the difference is pretty small. It’s also possible to expand that space with external hard drives so don’t worry about it too much.

Screen size is something to ask yourself about, the 12″ screen on the Surface 3 is great for portability but can be hard to work on. I have a 13″ Laptop, and while I can do most of my school work on there I find it much nicer to work on more complicated projects on my tower and 24″ Monitor.

If this is going to be your only computer you may want to try a 15″ Mac Book Pro. It will sacrifice some of your portability but you should be alright (they are much lighter than they used to be…) It will also give you more screen size to see what you are working on. Also whatever size screen you decide on, if you are already more comfortable with the Mac OS then why change? I may not use it, but I don’t criticize it for those who are already happy with it.

If screen size isn’t an issue or you have another home computer to occasionally use for bigger and/or graphical projects then I would say the Mac Air. You again can stick with the OS you are comfortable with, it’s about the same weight (if not lighter) and you’ll get all the same functionality.

If you do decide to get the Surface I should be booking my trip next week (Finally!!!! 🙂 ) and can give lessons. I will also give Windows 8 my personal seal of approval as I use windows a lot and appreciate it’s versatility and range of products.

Hope that helped 🙂

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